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Congratulations to our new board for the 2021-2022 membership year!  They are:

--President:  Duane Kauffmann

--Vice-President:  Carol Mae

--Treasurer:  Alan Banko

--Secretary:  Lynn Gaulin

--Directors:  Sally Peppitoni, Karen Huether, Donna Krusenoski, Rich Cirrantano, Ron Bopp, Nancy Cadieux

April 2022 Edition of

The Beauii

Click Here for

Slide Show

How To Create An Exhibit‚Äč

Now that you've gone to a shell show and have seen all the really neat scientific exhibits, you say to yourself that you really want to create an exhibit and enter it in a shell show.  We are here to not only cheer you on to do it, our very own Ron Bopp has put together a tutorial slide show on how to do just that.  Click on the link to the left and read all about it.  If you have any questions, come to one of our club meetings, or send us an email.  Hope to see your exhibit at our next shell show!!