Education header for the Sarasota shell club


Learning about seashells and how shells fit into the lifestyle in Southwest Florida is lots of fun. There are many ways the Sarasota Shell Club helps to educate members and the general public about seashells, marine life, and mollusks.

Carefree Learner

The Sarasota Shell Club has been a major supporter of the Carefree Learner program for many years. Sarasota’s “floating classroom” conducts educational tours in Sarasota Bay for local students and the community. Schools in the Sarasota County School District share the opportunity to take a tour on the Carefree Learner boat. The Carefree Learner program is managed by Dr. Megan Ehlers, a Marine Biologist from Sarasota High School. Sarasota Shell Club members have access to excursions each year on Carefree Learner with a captain so members can enjoy a trip to Sarasota Bay at low tide to explore, observe marine life in a natural habitat, and hunt for shells.

Sarasota Shell Club Library

A library of shell books, many of them rare, are available only to club members. Click on the link to view the books about shells we have in our library. The Sarasota Shell Club library is located at the Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, 4826 McIntosh Road.

Get Involved!

There are a variety of ways you can get involved as a member of the Sarasota Shell Club, including:

  • Participate in the annual Sarasota Shell Show. Each year in early February, the club hosts our annual shell show featuring scientific and artistic exhibits, exotic and rare shells, fabulous seashell crafts, educational programs, seashells for sale, and much more! Come to a meeting and learn how you can be involved in this fun and unique event!
  • Join the Artisans. This Artisans are a group of craft enthusiasts who create beautiful objects ‘d art and arrangements from shells. They display and sell their beautiful creations at the annual Shell Show and other venues throughout the year. Artisans meet weekly on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to about 1 or 2 p.m. Any club member may join the Artisans. For more information about the Artisans, email [email protected].
  • Speakers Bureau. You don’t have to be an expert on seashells to share your love of shells to a group or organization. Many organizations would be interested in learning from our members what types of shells are collected on beaches in Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee counties. We can help you learn about the wonderful world of shells and mollusks that are a natural part of Southwest Florida. Email [email protected] to request a speaker. Please include your name, club or organization’s name, and the date you’d like a speaker.

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